About Toolwatch
Toolwatch is the most convenient and easy way to measure the accuracy of your mechanical watch.
Accuracy has always been the holy grail of watchmaking. Throughout the ages, watchmakers have been competing for building the most accurate and precise watch movement but the consumers do not have the tools to appreciate that effort. Now, with Toolwatch, any watch enthusiast can keep an eye on the accuracy of their watches!

One of our users has made a video on his YouTube channel explaining how to use Toolwatch; Thanks Chris.

Why using Toolwatch?
Professional tools used by watchmakers are expensive (Toolwatch is free!) and heavy (Toolwatch is light!) and measure the watch in different positions (up, down, on a side etc) that do not reflect the actual way the watch is worn by its possessor. With Toolwatch, the accuracy is measured following your lifestyle. Unlike measuring by yourself, Toolwatch calculates for you the accuracy of your watch anytime and anywhere in an easy to use and reliable way.

How it works?
Toolwatch synchronizes your browser with the U. S. Naval Observatory's atomic clocks cluster which produces a weighted average of several commercial atomic frequency standards. It is dominated by six active hydrogen masers, there are also a number of commercial cesium beam-tube standards in the cluster. We also account for the networking time between you and Toolwatch' servers.
To put it simply, we do not use your computer clock but the most accurate atomic clock on earth to synchronize your timepieces.

The Toolwatch Team
Toolwatch is Swiss made with love!
We are three watch aficionados, passionate about mechanical watches, and willing to share our watchmaking enthusiasm.

We’ve worked inside the most prestigious watchmaking Manufactures in Switzerland and are happy to provide the best watch experience for enthusiasts all around the world.


Marc is passionate, aficionado or even addicted to mechanical watches. We cannot even use a superlative anymore. He knew how to read hours before walking! Now in the watch valley, he gives all his extra time to Toolwatch.io and to all the watch enthusiasts around the world. He loves watches, clocks, and also digital products!


Vincent is on time. His watches are actually so accurate that he could replace the atomic clock. Passionate about precision, he loves mechanical watches but he also likes doing business with his peers. Currently in Geneva, he navigates inside the watch industry and also makes his passion alive with Toolwatch.io!


Mathieu, the last but not least of the adventure, is the master of development. He is the type of man wearing at the same time both a smart and a mechanical watch. However he is still wondering which one is the most useful..(we haven’t told him yet!). Trying to survive in Canada, he has now reached higher latitude to quietly develop his passion for computer watches!

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Hall of fame

About the hall of fame
The toolwatch hall of fame lists users that helped us build a better service for watch aficionados around the world by reporting bug. If you see something that seems out of place, feel free to contact us using our online chat.
  • Jeff Jackson
  • Ahmed Adel Abdelfattah